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fitness for nerds in london

Sick Of being groggy and half-alive from your inactive lifestyle?

fitness for nerds in london

Have you tried countless diet fads and cookie-cutter training programmes that just didn't get you the body you want?

fitness for nerds in london

Do you want to get strong, healthy and confident without spending countless hours slaving away at the gym or cutting out all your favourite foods?

A simple and effective approach to get you in the best shape of your life.

Want to get super fit and confident but never felt like you belonged at a gym? Then you're definitely in the right place. Fitness isn't always fun and perhaps you'd rather stay in the comforts of your home, either gaming or going on a Lord Of The Rings movie marathon. I often struggle with this same dilemma, and trust me when I say I'm generally not a big fan of typical exercise and diet trends that promote unrealistic expectations, false hopes and quick fixes that never work.

Dark Horse Fitness is all about making fitness fun and accessible, even for those who haven't given much thought about getting healthy or building an incredible body. We are a community of nerds, geeks and misfits who strive to become the heroes of our own stories.

Ever wondered what would happen if your fitness journey panned out like an epic adventure from your favourite books, movies and video games? Forget about cookie-cutter workouts, crash diets, and snake oil supplements. We will help you devise an action-driven, personalised roadmap to success that takes into account your lifestyle, preferences and goals. You will be making incremental changes at your own pace, achieving many wins along the way. 


fitness for nerds in london

I've never been in better shape than now. I used to be glued to my couch and hated anything that was physically taxing, but Dom makes everything from training to dieting so easy to understand and fun. The positive support really keeps you motivated through the toughest times. I can't recommend it enough!

Sam. H                 

I've lost some weight and got rid of my belly! However, I think the most positive thing that I got from training with Dom is the dramatic change in the way I view myself. I never thought of myself as "strong" but I definitely do now. I never thought I'd last three rounds of Muay Thai padwork but I've proven myself wrong and gone all the way to five rounds. What sets this apart is the sense of camaraderie and light-hearted approach to training. You'll be whipped into shape with challenging workouts that put a smile on your face.

Robert. M                 

fitness for nerds in london

Dom is very friendly, knowledgeable and great fun to train with. He'll push you hard, but will take the time to get to know you and tailor everything to your needs. I wasn't sure how well I'd be able to handle workout routines given my lack of physical exercise in recent years, as well as having a few muscle and joint niggles from past injuries. Dom clearly and methodically addressed any concerns I had, giving me practical solutions and ensuring that I was pushing myself, but not beyond my limits. I feel that I now have the tools to manage and improve my own fitness, whereas previously I was frustrated with only being able to restrict calories and do small amounts of general exercise to improve things.

Simon. P                 

Jay. A

A personal trainer can often seem unapproachable, they are the ones with all the knowledge and we are the ones with none. Dom wasn't like this, we were able to chat freely, I was able to ask endless questions and he was able to answer them in a clear way which made me understand. The workouts were simple and uncomplicated but gave results, this made them easy to learn and easy to adapt to meet my needs. I can now train with confidence that I am not going to hurt myself but still push myself enough to keep getting better. I now know I can eat anything, its all about making balanced choices in the appropriate portion sizes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

fitness for nerds in london
Stuart A                 
fitness for nerds in london
    • Develop a training and diet routine that suits your lifestyle and hectic schedule.
    • Achieve your goals in the safest, most effective manner with scientifically-proven strategies that you can easily understand and put into action.
    • Fun and easy to follow training programmes designed to not only give you an incredible body, but also make you strong, flexible and injury-proof.
    • Stay accountable with frequent check-ins, communication and support from me (your amazing coach!) and fellow Dark Horse members.
    • Get access to a huge variety of easy, delicious and affordable recipes so you can prep meals that optimise your results.


if you're not getting stronger, healthier and more confident please let me know. I'll give you your money back* and point you in the right direction for something else that might suit you better.
*subject to terms and conditions.

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