Build Your Inner Hero's Origin Story

Are you daydreaming about fulfilling your childhood imagination as a hero?

Putting aside the supernatural aspects of our favourite fantasy and sci-fi books, aren't those traits what we are truly drawn to when we venture into the imaginary world through the eyes of a heroic protagonist? To overcome trials and tribulations with an iron will despite being fully aware of our flaws, and continue to progress towards building a strong body and resilient mind? 

Do you want to look, move, and feel like a superhero without sacrificing your games, comics and social life?

Are You Sick Of Slumping Out Of Bed And Want A Strong, Lean Body That You Can Confidently Look In The Mirror?

We become boggled down by fears and barriers that stem from the judgment of others. Let's play a game of association. What comes to mind when I mention the words "nerd", "geek" and "gamer"?

Surely you've all heard the typical connotations of being reclusive, socially awkward, unfit, non-athletic and bookish. Perhaps even skinny, overweight and unkempt from a largely sedentary lifestyle hunched over in front of a book or screen.

Let's prove these stereotypes wrong.

Be healthy, in shape and confident with your own body even with an office job and inclination to staying in for a good book or a gaming session with friends online? Yes, you can be all of those things combined and even more.

Imagine getting strong, happy and confident while still having the time to spend on your favourite games, anime, and fantasy novels. There is no reason for you to suffer the consequences of being inactive and unhealthy. Take pride in being a healthy nerd who takes care of his own body. I have been in the deep end with all-nighters in Diablo II, Elder Scrolls Morrowind and anime marathons. The lethargy, illnesses, lack of sleep and chronic pains that accumulates over time are just not worth it in the long run. Rather than use your hobbies as a temporary escape, why not turn them into a source of inspiration and productive change?

Care for your own body, so you can continue to do the things you love.

Like all beginners in fitness, I first looked into fad diets and quick fix training programmes that took your money and gave you empty promises. The recurring theme was generally the unrealistic assumptions that everyone has an unlimited supply of willpower, motivation and passion towards being fit and healthy, and as long as you fight through the pain and suffering you will eventually get where you want to be.

The truth is that most of us have other passions and priorities in life that we juggle with. Making training and dieting systematically easy to follow and enjoyable is the key to making long-term changes, especially if you still want to find time for your hobbies and pursuits. I developed a training system and dietary approach that can best help busy nerds who aren't used to exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet 

It's all about training smart rather than hard. An appropriate pace will be set so that you get just the right amount of challenge to help you sustain progress rather than burn out. Instead of intimidating you with impossibly difficult tasks, you will be making small changes that can be accomplished on a daily basis so that everyday is an opportunity for success. we'll focus on overhauling your mindset so that you'll overcome any fears and barriers that might be holding you back.

Getting strong, healthy, confident and caring about your body doesn't have to be a tedious chore that takes over your life. You can seamlessly integrate it into your routines and schedules so that it becomes second nature. It can be so fun and enjoyable that you look forward to accomplishing each and every single quest that edges you closer towards awakening your inner hero.

As a Dark Horse member, you can

  • Approach your health And fitness Like a fun video game that you crave to play every single day so you can finally level up to hero status.
  • Perform extraordinary strength feats with detailed attention to technique so you can look and feel strong like Thor.
  • Muay Thai, bodyweight circuits and mobility drills that will turn you into a nimble warrior monk and turn your body into a fat burning machine. You'll also finally be able to move freely and painlessly with improved flexibility, agility and coordination.
  • Gain experience points through a quest system that tracks your progress and achievements so you stay motivated in the long haul.
  • Embark on a fitness adventure with fellow Vanguards from the supportive Dark Horse Clan community. The check-ins, frequent communication and structured objectives will keep you accountable through all your struggles and challenges. We’re here to help you sustain your lifelong transformations where health, happiness and confidence are priority.
  • Get access to a huge database of recipes where you'll learn how to prepare easy, affordable and delicious meals that will help you lose fat and still be palatable to your personal tastes. We all know how important it is to be able to craft items and potions that will boost your results.

Start Your Fitness Adventure To Transform Your Body, Grow Your Confidence And Build The Hero Version Of Yourself